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Video: ProovStation + Michelin Partnership

William Balas

Table of contents

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Video Transcription:

“Our conviction at Michelin is that innovation is a fundamental driver of development of competitiveness and sustainability for automotive professionals and individuals.

This is why we work daily on the design of connected services and solutions around and beyond tires in order to invent the safer, cleaner and more efficient mobility of tomorrow.

We do not work alone. Many partners support us and among them are the young European leaders in automatic inspection.

The story begins in December 2020. ProovStation and Michelin decide to combine their know-how to better meet the needs of their customers for these young specialists in computer vision technologies to automate the inspection of all visible elements of the vehicle the solution Michelin, moreover monitoring, completes the initial offer with an automatic tire inspection module.

The objective is to offer a complete inspection of the vehicle in less than three minutes, at an unrivaled cost and level of quality. Did you know that a car is inspected more than ten times in its life and that this process is long and expensive for automotive professionals?

The combination of the know-how of Michelin and ProovStation has allowed us to create a unique product on the market that is simpler, faster and more reliable than all existing solutions until then.

Our unique solution is first of all an industrialized and scalable automatic measuring system; the vehicle runs on the Michelin QuickScan checkers, then passes under the ProovStation. Important niche point of a quick scan is the only technology on the market operating by magnetic resonance, making it the most reliable and stable system on the market usable in all conditions: rain, snow, without cleaning or maintenance.

What makes us unique is also the know-how of each person finding their own channels and specialists in image analysis using artificial intelligence. These algorithms are validated by the biggest names in the automobile industry. Michelin, noc experts for more than a century, provides its expertise through algorithms developed specifically for passenger tires and allowing millimeter precision in measuring wear. Artificial intelligence thus makes it possible to improve the quality of inspection. with a level of reliability that increases by 20 points compared to current practices. The benefit is immediate: a standard inspection report and fewer complaints.

The final advantage is integration in fact: if information is at the heart of all organizations, having the right information at the right time and in the right place allows our customers to make the right business decisions and thus optimize their performance, the Michelin diagnosis and ProovStation is adapted to the different use cases of our customers and is integrated into their information systems thanks to our apps.

You have understood that in our partnership with ProovStation, everyone wins, first and foremost, automotive professionals with a faster, more reliable and less expensive inspection. Then individuals with transparency. This is the assurance of driving in complete safety and finally the planet because well-used tires exchanged at the right time allow fuel savings and limit our environmental footprint.

In conclusion, I would like to thank all the people who contribute every day to the success of the offer and the satisfaction of our customers as well as ProovStation, our partner with whom we are collaborating to invent mobility for two.”

Written by
William Balas

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