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          The cutting-edge-AI-powered car inspection scanner to instantly detect new damages, improve the customer experience, and increase your revenue.

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          Harnessing advanced AI technology, our meticulous inspections redefine precision and efficiency, ensuring a seamless experience in the world of vehicles.

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          The highest technology and the latest generation of AI technology to effectively and efficiently inspect cars rented or valeted in your airport.

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        • CARSTATION


        • The perfect car scanner for rental companies, dealerships and fleet hubs. Install it anywhere and scan thousands of cars per day.

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        • A all-in-one solution for automatic and systematic tire inspection, providing instant diagnostics and tire information.

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The most reliable tire inspection solution on the market

Discover your best ally to grow your business around tires

Developed by ProovStation and MICHELIN

They trust us

The accurate, user-friendly drive-over scanner

Built of advanced magnetic sensors, TireStation is a standalone scanner for automated tire inspection. A car simply drives over the scanner and measures the tires’ precise condition, accurately and reliably, even if they’re dirty.

Scan in 2 seconds
Drive through scan, no need to stop
Reception of results in 1 min
System accuracy of 1 mm
Scan in 2 seconds
Drive through scan, no need to stop
Reception of results in 1 min
System accuracy of 1 mm

Get automated & reliable tire data in an instant

Once the car has driven over the scanner, our AI solution ​​ delivers instant diagnostics and reports that will help you detect all business opportunities related to tires.

Access all the inspection information you need

Brand and model
+ License plate detection

Tire change need
Tire maintenance recommendation
Tire dimensions

Tire tread depth
Wheel alignment need
Front / rear axle gap alert

Pictures of the tire sidewall

Provide your customers an inspection experience that inspires trust

Inspection data and reports are available online, through email, or by print to share with your customers and gain more credibility in your diagnostics

Ready to exponentially multiply your sales around tires?

Wheel alignmentTire replacementTire rotationGeometry adjustmentWheel alignmentTire replacementTire rotationGeometry adjustment
Wheel alignmentTire replacementTire rotationGeometry adjustmentWheel alignmentTire replacementTire rotationGeometry adjustment

ProovStation’s unmatched service & quality

Lightning speed

  • 3 second for a tire inspection​​
  • ​Unlimited scan​

Unparalleled Quality

  • 2 or 3 cameras 4K DEFINITION
  • ​Dynamic LED lighting
  • Temperature & weather resistant

High Convenience

  • Low power consumption
  • ​Light weight & adjustable
  • Quick installation

Five-star Support

  • Support 24/7
  • ​Full training & onboarding
  • Installation included
  • 3 Year Warranty

Technical Specifications

No groundwork

Simply place where you want it

Instant results

Get tires’ condition withing a minute

Custom report

Add your logo to the reports

Multi-axles ready

Scan all types of cars and all tire brand

Indoor & outdoor

Where it fits the best for you

No clean-up needed

Accurate even in winter

Max Speed


Plate reader

+90 countries handled


As our research & development partner, Michelin has supported us in providing the highest quality technology and most advanced innovation available today.

MICHELIN QuickScan technology is protected by over 15 patents, making it the unique magnetic solution in the world today.

Michelin’s QuickScan tiles are protected by over 15 patents, making them the most powerful, unique solution in the world today.

“The combination of the know-how of Michelin and ProovStation has allowed us to create a unique product on the market that is simpler, faster and more reliable than all other existing solutions.”

Sébastien Masseret – Business Manager

Improve team

Track activity

Receive a weekly report of your sites’ activities and opportunities (tire changes, wheel alignment, etc.)

Get 100% of tires & wheel alignement
sales opportunities

Improve movement in and out of the parking area with faster car checkouts and dropoffs. Say goodbye to bottlenecks and hello to smooth, efficient operations.

Strengthen your pipeline

Create a mid or long-term pipeline of opportunities based on detected wear and remaining rubber.

Improve time management

Allow your teams to focus on selling instead of spending time in inspection.

Our competitive

Optical solutions

Magnetic solution

Outdoor installation
Measurement accuracy for all kind of tire sculpture (summer, winter…)
Measurement reliability regardless of tires or scanner dirtiness
Fast and easy installation
Robust system

Add-ons available

TV screen to broadcast

Second camera to have pictures
of both sides of the tires


The AI-powered car inspection scanner that scans every millimeter of a passing car to identify any damages or alterations and increase your business opportunities.

“Thanks to TireStation, we have quadrupled our tire geometry sales”

François DENU,
After-Sales Service Manager

“ProovStation provides us with technology we need to be able to have a credible, expert discourse when selling tires.”

Etienne Copinet,
Site Director

“TireStation propelled our tire sales by +60%! Its rapid scans and detailed insights took our performance to new heights. Unmatched efficiency!”

Sylvain Matras,
After-Sales Director

Discover how the dealership Espace H – BMW quadrupled an area of their sales

Ready to scale your tire sales & services?

Discover the difference TireStation can make for your business