AI Powered Car Inspection

Automated damage identification.

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Management Platform

Standardize your inspection process
Customize your repair prices
Activity monitoring
KPIs tracking.

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Damage Capture System

360° scan of a vehicle
Vehicle identification
Automated damage detection.

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Fast Inspection App

Check interior, documents, electrical system status &    engine condition, collect data (km, VIN...)
Validate Artificial Intelligence results.

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We add value at every stage of
the automotive value chain


Until now, evaluating car’s damages has been a job mainly for humans. However, manual vehicle inspections are slow, expensive, inconsistent and remain subjective. In a business where time counts and a few minutes can make a difference in cost for large volumes of cars, AI-powered inspection is about to change the rules of the game.
ProovStation technology allows you to further increase the accuracy of the damage recognition, at unprecedented levels of speed and unit cost to benefit your customers.

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Finished vehicle logistic is changing dramatically, driven by new markets, technology and customer expectations. Vehicle compounds and distribution centres today carry out value added post-manufacturing and inspection services, serving a large variety of brands, models and vehicle requirements.
By using automated vehicle inspection solutions, operational costs will go down and supply chain visibility will give unprecedented opportunities to manage quality

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The future of automotive retail will be defined by human interactions, both physical and virtual. It will also be driven by data in a strategic, end-to-end process of continuous customer engagement. And it will be enabled by digital technologies, but in a supporting role.
ProovStation solution allows you to standardize and automate a manual, subjective and time-consuming inspection process to automatically deliver fully digitized and reliable appraisals to improve the customer and employee experience.

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The change from ownership to usage is giving the rental business a new impulse where new technologies will be game changers. Connected vehicles, assisted driving, electrification bring new expectations to consumers, as well as the desire for a clear and fair transparent process. The capacity to provide an automated comparison between the departure and the return of a rental vehicle will allow for all participants to enjoy a documented, fair and transparent damage management.

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Winner of Ubimobility 2019
Roadshow in the US for 8 Start-ups specialized in the sector of autonomous and connected vehicles.
Winner of Fleet Europe "Car
Remarketing Awards" 2019
Selected for the Moove Lab @Station F
Powered by CNPA and Via ID ;
two mains actors for the innovation in the automotive sector.
Winner of the Movin'On Challenge 2019 by Michelin.
Winner of the Automotive Club France challenge for innovative solution in the automotive sector.
Selected for Le village incubator powered by Crédit Agricole.
BFM Academie 2019.
CES Innovation Awards
Honoree 2020.
Winner of the Valeo Challenge for Viva Technology Paris 2019.