AI powered vehicle inspection


Accuracy rate



From 0.1

Precision - cm


Automate your process in 3 steps

Save money & time by automating vehicle inspection


Scan of the vehicle: more than 800 pictures in less than 3 seconds.

The vehicle passes under the gantry at a maximum speed of 15km/h without any necessary stop. The ProovStation scans the vehicle at 360°, and take more than 800 photos in less than 3 seconds. This patented solution uses state of-the-art technologies including Edge Computing and Machine Learning. This system significantly reduces vehicle inspection time and increased productivity.


AI automatically detects and analyzes vehicle damages

Our artificial intelligence detects and analyses damages from the millimeter. It automatically locates damages on the vehicle using Computer Vision, and estimates repair costs. Our partnership with the major player in new technologies, NVIDIA, allows us to strengthen our expertise and to work with the best techniques and technologies available.


Inspection Report automatically created.

An inspection report is then automatically generated. This report is time-stamped, geolocated and secured. It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to allow optimal and efficient management of the process.  

Car Inspection

Go further with the ProovStation Network.

ProovStation Network
Easy to install and to use to guarantee your efficiency.
Integrated via our API into your system to follow and monitor your KPI in real time. 
Find all available data and analyze results to take strategic decisions.

Designed for the automotive industry!

The challenges of the actors of the automotive chain are many. To meet them, we developed 3 versions of our product. These different ProovStation solutions meet the needs of OEMs, logisticians and remarketing.
Let us introduce you to Station GT, Station L and Station R!

Station R
Station L
Station GT

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European leader
13 Countries deployed
Since 2017, our ambition is to industrialize, automate and standardize the global automotive inspection process.
80+ Stations sold
Designed for automotive industry professionals dealing with large volumes: OEM, Logistics, Remarketing.
9+ Million inspections per year
The diversity of inspections feed our DataSet & Machine Learning model to ensure the best results.
European Leader

" ProovStation, a start-up that is moving the lines in a business undergoing profound change, and will allow us to provide our customers with innovative solutions that are always more efficient."

Delphine AndrÉ
CEO, Groupe Charles André (GCA)

" ProovStation's inspection system allows us to increase the accuracy of damage recognition and to perform these inspections at an unparalleled speed and unit cost in order to best serve our customers."

Jean roch
CEO, British Car Auction (BCA)

" After intensive investigation and a market analysis, we have carefully selected our partner ProovStation to support us to do our job faster and better "

Wim ter voert
Executive Vice President, Dekra

ProovStation is a rewarding solution...

Winner of Ubimobility 2019
Roadshow in the US for 8 Start-ups specialized in the sector of autonomous and connected vehicles
CES Innovation Awards 2020
Approved member of Plug & Play
platform since February 2019
Selected for the Moove Lab @Station F
Powered by CNPA and Via ID
Two mains actors for the innovation in the automotive sector
Winner of the Movin'On Challenge 2019 by Michelin.
Exhibitor at Movin'on summit
Winner of the Automotive Club France challenge for innovative solution in the automotive sector
Selected for Le village incubator powered by Crédit Agricole
BFM Academie 2019
Winner of the Valeo Challenge  for Viva Technology Paris 2019

...and the press speaks about us!



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