• Car Rentals

          The cutting-edge-AI-powered car inspection scanner to instantly detect new damages, improve the customer experience, and increase your revenue.

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        • Dealerships

          Harnessing advanced AI technology, our meticulous inspections redefine precision and efficiency, ensuring a seamless experience in the world of vehicles.

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        • Airports

          The highest technology and the latest generation of AI technology to effectively and efficiently inspect cars rented or valeted in your airport.

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        • CARSTATION


        • The perfect car scanner for rental companies, dealerships and fleet hubs. Install it anywhere and scan thousands of cars per day.

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        • A all-in-one solution for automatic and systematic tire inspection, providing instant diagnostics and tire information.

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Unlock The Ultimate Rental Car Experience

The cutting-edge AI-powered car inspection scanner to instantly detect new damages, improve the customer experience, and increase your revenue.

They trust us

Get all the inspection data you need, in seconds

Revolutionize Customer Satisfaction and Operation Efficiency

Enhance the customer experience

  • Gift your customers peace of mind
  • Relieve customers with no need to worry about damages they didn’t cause​
  • Provide short and sweet car pickup & drop off, with no wait time

​​Standardize​ internal operations

  • Save hundreds of hours per month of time spent in inspection​
  • Improve flow in & out of your site​
  • No wasted time, no liability discussions

Maximize​ cost savings

  • Multiply 3x the number of relevant damages detected​
  • Double the amount of invoices paid​
  • Reduce labor costs​
  • Increase insurance sales (up to 20%)

“Partnering with ProovStation
and incorporating their cutting-edge vehicle ​scanners is a game-changer for us to enhance our customer experience and streamline our processes.”

Felix Steinhauser​
Director Global ​Business Services

Tap into a new powerful revenue stream with ProovStation

What are you waiting for? Request your personalized ROI estimation today to discover how our AI scanner can boost your revenue and give you a distinct profitable edge over your competitors.

The most reliable partner on the market for precision scanning

No effort needed on your end.
We are here to manage everything from A-Z

Easy, reliable 
Hardware Solution

  • Quick installation
  • Easy to move/relocate
  • Maintenance included

Robust data security

  • GDPR compliant
  • Secure, protected data
  • Private, faces blurred

Top-notch support

  • 24/7 support
  • Full training & onboarding
  • Your partner 
before & after installation

ProovStation is driving innovation worldwide

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12 countries
accross Europe and US

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