ProovStation: best hardware technology!

With more than 4 years of R&D, ProovStation has combined various sensors and physical principles of vision to develop the most advanced optronic technology on the market. We guarantee the best images acquisition for AI processing and analysis.

ProovStation Technology
Back of the tunnel

Structured lighting

Our structured lighting is composed of a uniform arch to provide uniform lighting. The solution is isolated from an optical pollution by a customized mechanical structure that prevents light sources from impacting the image capture like reflections or burned areas.

Innovative multi-level lighting


         Physical principle

Deflectrometry is the observation of the deformation of a line projection on a regular surface. In case an asperity or deformation is detected, it produces a specific pattern that is proportional to its area. In our case, we use it in synergy with our multi-level lightning to have a better visibility of surface damage.


Artificial intelligence

Our Artificial Intelligence technology surpassing human-level performance. We developed the best algorithmic chain in the world to automatically identify, locate and quantify all the damages in an autonomous way and only few seconds. ProovStation provides you the biggest and most diverse structured damages Database on the market composed in different damage libraries with more than 1,000,000 Labels per damage ID to guarantee a reliable result with an accuracy rate of 95%.



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