Vehicle Inspection Revolution.

ProovStation aims to automate, standardize and secure the global automotive inspection process.

At the heart of this innovation, Weproov and the Bernard Group have joined forces to create ProovStation!

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ProovStation adventure

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Cédric Bernard

Co-Founder, CEO

Gabriel Tissandier

Co-Founder, General Director

François-Xavier Flory


Anton Komyza


Eléonore Besson

Marketing Manager

William Balas

Head of Sales

Our values

What are the strengths of ProovStation?


"We take risks and we live an adventure"

Living an adventure is part of the company's DNA, as is taking risks. ProovStation has always been a pioneer in its field. This is its way of life.


"Quality is not an act, it is a habit"

The value of a company is measured by the quality of the service provided and the product produced. Reliability, durability and performance are the 3 pillars of the product development strategy at ProovStation. Just like service excellence! This quality builds the ProovStation brand image. It is vital for customer confidence and satisfaction and is a selling point and a major asset.

Expérience client

"User experience is everything !"

Being "User Centric" is one of the founding values of ProovStation. All of the emotions and feelings a customer feels before, during and after the purchase is essential. Hence the importance given to the Design of the products and the use of the services which must be fluid, simple and intuitive. This is the key to the success of ProovStation. The true value of the product is not in what it is, but in what it brings to the customer. And the way they experience ProovStation!


"There is no abiding success without commitment!"

ProovStation voluntarily maintains the mystery around its products. The less said, the more people are fascinated! This discretion preserves the project from competition by limiting the risks of copying. It also helps to gain the trust of customers.

+60 experts dedicated!
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Discover our history...

An adventure that begins in 2017!

The story of a meeting between WeProov & the Bernard Group. In 2016, Gabriel Tissandier, founder of WeProov, meets Cédric Bernard from the Bernard Group. Together, they imagine the ProovStation, with the aim of industrializing and standardizing the automotive inspection process.


From the idea to the realization of the project: no less than 4 years of R&D are necessary to imagine, create and operate the ProovStation. The product includes both a Hardware part - 3 different prototypes are then made - and a Software part, with the creation and development of our own AI.

This step is followed by a beta test phase of about 1 year: the different prototypes are sent to our customers. This period allows us to refine the ProovStation according to the customer's needs, both on the Hardware and the Software.

The filing of a patent was essential to this process.

Recherche & Développement ProovStation
Industrialisation ProovStation


From the prototype to the production phase: the product goes into production in the French factory. Accompanied by experts who have provided us with the necessary material and immaterial resources, the ProovStation comes to life!

A real achievement for the founders but also for the team that is starting to build!

One year of beta testing and a pilot phase were essential to validate the product's commissioning!


We are now finalizing our commercialization phase, with the deployment of various stations across Europe since January 2020.

This new step allows us to position ourselves as an expert on our subject, and especially to work with major players in the automotive industry, such as BCA and GCA.

Our ambition : to become the standard for automotive inspection at the international level.

Commercialisation ProovStation

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Our partners

They have been with us from the beginning

Le Village By CA
Business France
Groupe Bernard
Moove Lab


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