1,600,000 hours: this is the time lost by manufacturers controlling the quality and defects present on produced vehicles in 2019.

Automotive manufacturers need to improve the performance of their industrial processes to be ready for new challenges of automotive industry. The evolution of technology and customer expectations, together with the market pressure, lead to the search for a permanent optimization of industrial processes.

They are among the most advanced players in automation and the use of technologies: automatic trolleys, articulated arms, virtual reality and real-time traceability. These new tools allow them to transform and modernize their sites into intelligent, connected and “paperless” factories, to improve the quality of their supply chain, while reducing costs, and meeting the efficiency objectives of their industrial tools.

The inspection and quality control process are at the heart of this operational dynamic designed to improve industrial performance. It is generally based on a strategy of inspection by sampling. Like 90% of finishing work, inspection today remains a paper-based, manual, subjective, expensive and time-consuming process. However, automotive inspection benchmarks are demanding, and the standard for new vehicles is high. On a production line that can pass several hundred vehicles per day, the time allowed for an inspection is in the order of a minute. That precision must be millimetric and the reliability important. Given such conditions, it becomes difficult to effectively comply with a quality reference system. In a manual process, the rigor depends on whether we inspect the first or the 100th car. However, it is essential to maintain the same level of quality, the customer satisfaction depends on it.

Digitizing and automating the inspection and quality control process using artificial intelligence will allow us to meet various challenges related to this key process.

It allows:

-       Productivity with a 360° scan of a 100% of the production, and an operational capacity of 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

-       Reliability by identifying, qualifying and locating the damages and nonconformities present on the vehicle automatically with a millimeter precision.

-       Standardization via an automated, standardized and repetitive control method allowing a constant level of quality control.

-       Traceability through a daily monitoring of production, defect rates and reduced conflicts with logistics service provider, thanks to a time-stamped, geo-localized and secure inspection reports.

-       Efficiency thanks to a system of alerts and automatic detection of defects and nonconformities allowing for better decision-making avoiding delays.

-       Flexibility and agility to easily and digitally adapt requirements level to production.

-       Immediate return on investment by reducing the cost of inspection.

ProovStation is an “all in one” automated inspection solution, made in France, which allows to reach these objectives and strive for industrial excellence.

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