Automotive logistics players: make your new vehicles flows more fluid, and control your costs to increase customer satisfaction !  

The issues of logisticians today are well determined:

·      To distribute the vehicles as quickly as possible;

·      Guarantee the quality of delivered products;

·      Reduce the operating costs.

The list is not exhaustive, but the final objective remains the same: to satisfy the customer’s needs when the vehicle is delivered.

Today, how do we approach the post COVID-19 recovery, which will be undoubtedly very intense? We need to find new solutions that are both efficient and innovative, in order to bring a real added value to the customer.

1.    Control your costs:

A cost can be represented by different elements:

·      Immobilized vehicle;

·      Improper inspection;

·      Repairs not carried out;

·      Incorrectly transmitted information.

The list is long and doesn’t stop there. The key issue is to know the correct and precise information, at the right time, to avoid mistakes that generate unexpected costs which are difficult to control.

2.    Fluidify the flows:

The vehicle flow depends on manufacturers. The current flows, with massive arrivals of vehicles in a very short period of time, create many challenges for logisticians. They have to create buffer zones to receive the vehicles, while waiting for inspections that are carried out by a third party. It is now becoming essential to reduce as much as possible the loading and transfer times of vehicles within the fleet, and thus free up space in the buffer zones as quickly as possible. Indeed, the flows are generally in similar schedules, which generates the queue of trucks at the entrance of the sites: a considerable impact in terms of organization.

Being able to follow the life of the vehicle in the fleet in a fluid and efficient way is the goal of logisticians. This involves checking all the links in the chain on site, including the inspection time. At the end of the chain, the customer must be able to receive his product in time.

3.    Respect different specification with the same standard:

Working on different flows requires meeting different expectations. Regardless of operational constraints that this creates, it is essential to respect complete specifications of each manufacturer. The objective: to be as close as possible to the customer’s expectation. It is not always easy for inspectors to adapt to each quality control process, but the machine can set up a standard that respects specific rules of every customer.

4.    To be 100% transparent between the parties to reduce conflicts:

To assure a proper detection of damages, an agreement on the repair and severity of damages must be reached between different parties. The aim is to reduce the number of conflicts and accelerate the whole process of the chain.

Today, logisticians are dependent on external providers to carry out their automotive inspection. Tomorrow, they will be able to manage it internally, thanks to the integration of a trusted third party directly within their platform. They will be also able to control the entire process, with the possibility to follow the vehicle throughout its course.

The added value will be multiple:

·      Follow the vehicle throughout the whole process;

·      Fluidify all the flows in the automotive chain;

·      Standardize the quality of the delivered products;

·      Reduce the total cost.

Our mission at ProovStation is to support you in the search of innovative solutions.

At the heart of our activity, we are striving to reduce your automotive inspection conflicts, to fluidify all your flows, and finally, to deliver a better quality of products to the final customer.

The objective: to reduce your costs and increase your profitability.

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