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Atlanta Airport

Atlanta Airport

Time to install
1 day
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I am happy to share with you this new installation in the US, first in Georgia !

Since 1998, Atlanta Hartsfield–Jackson International Airport has been the world's busiest airport by passenger traffic. In 2022, the airport had over 93.6 million passengers, the most of any airport in the world !

We are delighted that some of those travelers renting a car at our client's branch 🟠 will benefit from a greater and more trustworthy rental experience.

Thanks to our client and to Atlanta Airport teams (which I thanks a lot for their support on this project ! 🙏🏼), there will be less disputes and more travelers happy.

I share with you some photos from our US operation team :

Gates reception on site

The two gates arrived 2 days after leaving the factory.

As you can see we use strong and easy to handle packaging.

They were stored for few days before installation team comes on site. In each package the is one CarStation Lite ready to be installed. 


Once packages are opened, the team installed the gates in the vehicle flow. They adapted the width to the site requirement and then installed the top bars. Those bars are used to comply with hurricane norms, and we use them for cable management (always better to not have cables on the ground 😅).

On that site we were authorised to fix the gates into the ground, so we did it. Note : it is not mandatory.

The team on site connected the gate to the electricity and internet and finally remote IT support finaly connected the gates to our cloud platform.

Validation tests

The team had plenty of very nice vehicles available to conduct validation tests 🏎️

Without many surprises, they chose a sexy Chevrolet Camaro ! 😅

We validated the integration of the data flow to the client's environment and finally finished the installation later on the same day.

Installation done ✅

Congrats to the team ! Time for a Dunkin' moment !

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Gabriel TISSANDIER, Co-founder
May 25, 2023
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